Custom Royal Interior

Complete! Affordable! Everything in One Kit!

Custom Royal Interior

Looks like leather, feels like leather


  • Front and rear seat covers in soft leatherette. Also include seat side shell covers.
  • Pre-sewn brushed cotton headliner.
  • Loop or cut pile matching carpet pre-sewn like original with leatherette-bound edges and heel pad. Carpet pad included.
  • Replacement leatherette covered kick panels.
  • Replacement rear package shelf with leatherette-bound edges.
  • Pre-sewn leatherette windlace for easy installation – wire-on included on 1949-52 models.
  • Cloth-covered sunvisors. You must send us your cores to recover – minus mounting hardware.
  • Pre-assembled leatherette-covered door panels include new waterproof cardboard and new metal edge support strips. Ready to install using your stainless trim pieces. Armrest covers also included.

Available in black, dark green, gray, red, taupe and dark blue.

Pleated Door Panels

Pleated door panels also available for an additional charge of $195.00.

Door stainless CANNOT be used on pleated door panels.

We want to make sure you love the color you’re getting! We strongly recommend getting color samples prior to ordering.

*note, Interior orders need to be placed over the phone


2-Dr. Styleline

Order #6650: $2009
Pleated #6650-PL: $2204

4-Dr. Styleline

Order #6651: $2204
Pleated #6651-PL: $2399


Order #6652: $2009
Pleated #6652-PL: $2204

Business Coupe

Order #6653: $1759
Pleated #6653-PL: $1954

Bel Air Hardtop

Order #6654: $2059
Pleated #6654-PL: $2254

2-Door Fleetline

Order #6655: $2009
Pleated #6655-PL: $2204

4-Dr. Fleetline

Order #6657: $2204
Pleated #6657-PL: $2249


Order #6526: $1759
Pleated #6526-PL: $1954


2-Dr. Sedan

Order #6658: $2009
Pleated #6658-PL: $2204

4-Dr. Sedan

Order #6659: $2204
Pleated #6659-PL: $2399

2-Dr. Hardtop

Order #6660: $2009
Pleated #6660-PL: $2204

1953 Club Coupe

Order #6661: $2054
Pleated #6661-PL: $2249

1953 Business Coupe

Order #6662: $1759
Pleated #6662-PL: $1954


Order #6526: $1859
Pleated #6526-PL: $2054